Day 8: Fort Collins, CO

For our first full day in Colorado, we hung out with a friend of mine who is studying there. She showed us around town and drove us up to a more scenic area, which looked oddly Scottish due to what we were told was unusually wet weather.

A bit...Scottish?

A bit…Scottish?

Most people we spoke to have made Colorado’s weather sound quite ideal really – not too hot or cold, not too humid, few extreme beyond hail and occasional flooding if you live in the wrong place.

Fort Collins in particular was by far the most cosmopolitan place we’d been in a while. It’s a typical university town, one hour’s commute from Denver. Through much of South Dakota and Wyoming, we felt lucky if the town we were in had a Walmart. We stayed in one place that didn’t even appear to have a grocery store.

Anyway, here is a video of Chris interviewing my friend about why she likes where she lives:

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