Day 7: Cheyenne, WY and Fort Collins, CO

After spending the night in Douglas, we attempted to leave. This was a challenge. Some setting on our navigation system made it want to give us a detour 70 miles out of our way starting off going north instead of south. We lost about an hour given it took us about 20 minutes to realize this, then having to go back and then convince the system not to take us through Casper, but rather straight down. Here’s the video:

On our way out of the state, we stopped by their capital. It was definitely our favorite part of Wyoming. It was a very clean, well designed place, though we hardly saw anyone. The only people we spoke to were actually from Colorado and had just come up for the day to see what it was like too. We had a look around the capital buildings. We learned that Wyoming was the first government in the world to give women the right to vote:


2015-06-14 15.24.152015-06-14 15.27.56-2

We did like Cheyenne, but I suspect Wyoming is out of the running for places for us to live. It is just too sparsely populated for either of our tastes. There were also large tracts of 4G dead zones. I could see why. If I owned a large telecommunications company, I probably wouldn’t have put much effort into a massive state with only about half a million people either. The small towns and cities generally had it, but all the massive areas that were ranches or nothing in between had no signal of any kind.

Cheyenne is very near to the Colorado border, so it didn’t take us long to get there. As soon as we crossed over, we saw the Rockies, and I have to see, even from this distance, they are magnificent. We decided almost immediately to book a┬ásecond night in Fort Collins as a base to see the area. Everyone we’ve met who lives here seems positively enamored with Colorado, so that might be a good sign. The sunset was also pretty amazing:

Colorado Colors

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