Move-in Day Part One

2016-01-11 14.05.09

Our first move-in day was sunny and lovely. We ended up doing it over two days because our lease started from Monday, but the bed wasn’t coming until Tuesday and that was also the earliest they could turn the gas on. As a result, we officially picked up the keys and started unpacking, but didn’t actually stay over night there as the heat runs on gas and we would have had no bed. 

Here’s the video of our first impressions of our new place, plus all the follow up work:

One of the things we learned that day is you can rent almost anything. Had we known this, we most likely would not have bought a bed as it turns out, you can rent a perfectly good bed. Even though we’d already bought a bed, our research indicated that you can’t really buy a cheap sofa that is truly cheap. Even an Ikea sofa will set you back a few hundred dollars and probably give you back ache in the process. We discovered there is a shop called Cort that will just fill your whole apartment with furniture, and their definition of furniture extends far beyond beds and sofas to things like a full set of kitchenware or a television. Given we had already bought several of these items, we couldn’t take them up on the full set, but we have rented a sofa and a few other odds and ends that are expensive to buy outright, but that will cause you great discomfort if you have a cheap one.


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