A HiJenx New Year’s Eve

The last two years we had extremely low key New Year’s Eve celebrations. In 2016, it was because we both had terrible colds. This was actually a bit liberating, as it meant we already had one NYE under our belts without staying up until midnight. We get up fairly early because most of Chris’s colleagues are in the Eastern or Central time zones. We also made the choice when we first moved to Arizona to try to be morning people for the first time in either of our lives. We have succeeded so completely that the idea of staying up until midnight sounds a) very late and b) pointlessly painful.

As such, we stayed up late by our standards, which was until about 9:50. 🙂

We rang Chris’s parents at their midnight as they actually stay up quite a lot later than us on average, so they did ring in the new year. Facetime is a wonderful way to keep in touch and involved on these kinds of occasions even when thousands of miles separate you:

We didn’t go out, but rather roasted a chicken and started the new seasons of Black Mirror and Stranger Things. which I am happy with as I am well rested to enjoy having the first off.

We did film a little bit, even though we were’t planning to. Here is the video:

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