Arrival in Arizona Part 2: Sleeping and Surfing

We woke up extremely early, but we have decided to attempt to go with this a bit. Arizona has an amazing big sky. Even on the few cloudy days, the sunrise is worth seeing:

2016-01-08 07.01.27Now that we had an apartment to move into in a few days, we needed to fill it with stuff. Things one and two on the list were a bed and some internet. Bed shopping is annoying. It’s a big, expensive thing with a lot of irritating sales people.
2016-01-08 10.32.38

Chris discovered an argument for getting a few thousand dollars of a king bed that worked on not one but two salesmen, so do check out the video for that:

In the end, we went with Ashley furniture as a) they had the best bed and b) the salesman was much better than the people who seem to be employed by Mattress Firm. They might have the best pun in their name, but they were not a pleasant chain, even though they seem to be everywhere. More than that, Ashley Furniture is a Wisconsin based company. It has been headquartered in a fairly small town in Wisconsin since the 40s.


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