Arrival in Arizona Part 1: Apartment Hunting

For our first day in Arizona, the weather was very cold for Arizona and everyone here seemed deeply confused as to why it was 40F and raining. It’s a bit like if it snows in the South of England I think where it’s foreign, weird and they aren’t prepared. No one seemed to have umbrellas (including us), so everyone just got wet. I suppose 320 days of sun means it has to do something else for two months of the year and January was the most likely time of year for that to happen. On the upside, it was partly sunny long enough to take a picture with a cactus:2016-01-07 15.32.28-1
On a much bigger upside, we managed to find somewhere to live in a single day. Well, we researched as much as we could before we left, but we managed to look at about a dozen properties in a day and make a choice so we will be moved in before Chris starts work. All the apartments here come with so much! Ours has two pools and two hot tubs (two of which are nearly right outside our door). It has a balcony/patio thing, which will be really nice for reading when it warms up a bit. It also comes with all the major kitchen appliances plus a washer and dryer, so that’s pretty nifty and saves us a lot of shopping. They also do all the maintenance for you. You don’t even have to change your own light bulbs if you don’t want to and they consider anything that goes wrong with temperature control an emergency and will be with you in 30 minutes apparently, which sounds like a pretty excellent service.
We also managed to get an apartment with gas, which is great, as we both hate cooking on an electric stove, but Americans seem really into this for some reason, or at least much more than the British.
Here’s the video:

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