Journey Surprises Part 2

Here’s the video:

The US is a very religiously diverse country, so maybe we should have been expecting cowboys to have their own church, but this was still a big surprise to us both:

wpid-wp-1446687172840.jpg European style basilicas in the middle of the Great Plains were also extremely surprising, as was the high quality of air conditioner in this building:


Being given a photograph in Tonganoxie of the place where General Lee was held captive was highly surprising and extremely improbable: wpid-wp-1446687499846.jpgLearning that tobacco could be openly displayed and almost celebrated as past culture was odd to me. I know it’s not as bad, as say, slavery, but it is hardly considered good in the modern world, so things like the American Tobacco campus in Durham, North Carolina were surprising and a bit bizarre really:


On a slightly negative note, we were surprised to find out that Netflix gives edited versions of Doctor Who. Your average episode has a few minutes cut. American Whovians, begin complaining to Netflix…nowwpid-wp-1446689250718.jpg How much beautiful, accessible coast their was in Florida surprised us, mainly due to how locked down much of the good coast seemed in other states, so good for you Florida! Keep those gorgeous beaches accessible to the public:


We were surprised that the Florida Keys basically has no good beach. We had never really thought about it, but we suspect that good beaches are more likely as part of continents rather than part of tiny islands:

We were both surprised and impressed by just how much of the US has road in it. The 7 mile road in the Keys is impressive, as are the many roads through mountain ranges:


Seven Mile Highway in the Keys

2015-09-30 11.06.24

Northern Arizona near the Utah and Nevada Borders

Louisiana was a surprising place. I was surprise how much Frenchness had survived. I was also surprised sugar cane grows in the US mainland: wpid-wp-1446693691168.jpg I was also surprised that there was a university anywhere on earth, much less in this country, with its own alligators:


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