Dodge-y Language

The car doesn’t like me. Or at least the Uconnect voice recognition (VR) system is toying with me. I do speak the Queen’s English (or at least a dialect spoken by one of her humble servants) so why am I having this problem? Watch and please sympathise:

Now I realise, just because the name of my nationality (English) matches the language I speak, that I shouldn’t get special treatment from the car. But it just didn’t occur to me that there wouldn’t be a British English setting. My phone has one, surely the car would? Of course it wouldn’t, it’s a Dodge: a brand barely heard of in the UK.



Doing hammy impressions of the locals does trick the VR system into obeying my commands but surely there’s a more elegant solution? Or perhaps Chris and Dodge are two entities separated by a common language. Tah-get.

9 thoughts on “Dodge-y Language

  1. Jessica

    Don’t feel bad; I have lived here (close to you) and my Ford Sync and Siri do not understand me either! Good luck!!!

    1. Chris Post author

      Thanks for the support! I just didn’t think of it not working for me. I’ll have to improve my standard American voice recognition accent for the journey ahead.

    1. Chris Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. That was just a small sample of the troubles I had all day with it. Until my accent improves, I’ll have to just whisper commands for Jess to repeat loudly.

  2. &J

    I like your new car, it’s so silver 🙂
    Chris you have really good English teacher in car then your American pronunciation should improve quickly 🙂

    you are more successful than scots in elevator

    1. Chris Post author

      I felt like that scots in elevator video.

      Jess will have to do her ESL magic, especially when pronouncing words with R in them like ‘Herbergers’. When I say it, it just sounds painful: HRRRR-BRRRRR-GRRRRRS.

  3. Susan

    It is hilarious listening to you have to Americanise your accent and I cannot believe you managed not to swear at it – is that careful editing or is your inner voice taking the heat for you? Well done in any case, and at least you are learning a new language!

    1. Chris Post author

      That was a very carefully distilled sample of a frustrating afternoon of video. To speak to the thing, I have taken to doing a sort of hammy impression of a Mid-Westerner to get it to obey. Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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