Dodge-y Maps and a Little More Dodge-y Language

Our tentative plan to check out housing in Estrella┬ácaused us to bring an ongoing problem to a head. The maps in our car had not been updated since we bought it. The Phoenix area is growing and building new things all the time, so there are many areas where we will be driving on a perfectly real road and it looked like we were driving through an empty field according to the maps. Most of Estrella is very new and many of the houses we looked at were very hard to find as in addition to not being on the Dodge’s maps, we had no T-mobile signal. We’ve been told if we move to Estrella, we will need to switch to Verizon.

In order to update the maps, we had to update the whole car. Naturally Chris was keen to find out if the voice recognition had become any better at understanding an Englishman, as regular readers may remember from one of our very first posts, Dodge-y Language.

Here’s the video:

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