Day 146: Brainerd, Minnesota and 20,000 Miles

Even though we were back in Minnesota, we were in the far north of the state, where I had never been before to the best of my recollection.

We started off having a look at a very cold beach in Detroit Lakes:

2015-10-31 11.33.11

On our way east to our last state, we went through Brainerd, a place I had known friends of mine from Wisconsin to go to on holiday. It was definitely the off season as the rain poured down and the temperature hung around the mid 40s Fahrenheit. Despite that, a few things did manage to happen.

We unexpectedly crossed the Mississippi one more time on this journey. I had known the source was somewhere above Minneapolis, but not exactly where. It turns out some of the most northern course of it was in the middle of Brainerd:

2015-10-31 14.14.06

We then encountered a halloween themed protest against military involvement abroad. Check out the video for that:

We saw a few more roadsideamerican.com sights, including a serpent at Serpent Lake:

2015-10-31 14.50.52-1And a deer in Deerwood:
2015-10-31 15.24.50

We continued on east and finally, after nearly 5 months of travel, hit the 20,000 mile mark just inside the city of Duluth:

2015-10-31 17.11.13-2 2015-10-31 17.19.22-1

We spent the night in Duluth. It was Chris’s first Halloween in the US:

2015-10-31 18.19.34

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