Day 145: The World’s Largest Buffalo

We really enjoyed our hotel in Bismark. It was easily one of the best of the tour with its friendly staff, free laundry, full kitchenette and comfortable bed. We can highly recommend the Candlewood Suites there.

Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/BZ_0APzLf1U

We had a look around Bismark itself. It was very small and un-touristy, so it was actually quite hard to find anything to do or anyone to speak to beyond the hotel staff. We went to the state capitol, which we could have easily mistaken for an office building:wpid-wp-1446261303598.jpgNext we went to Jamestown. We hadn’t been planning on stopping, but we saw this from the road:
wpid-wp-1446261332256.jpgWe learned at their visitor’s center that North Dakota is known for having giant versions of things, which was unsurprising after seeing what must be the world’s largest dala horse the day before.

We actually ended up not stopping in Fargo. We had planned on it, but though North Dakota is full of friendly people, it also sounds like it has worse winters than Wisconsin, which is not something we are aiming for, so we crossed back into Minnesota instead. We got quite the sunset and spent the night in Detroit Lakes in a mostly reasonable Best Western:wpid-wp-1446261368123.jpg

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