GUN!!! (safety)

Firearms are uncommon in Britain but the right to “keep and bear arms” is deeply enshrined in US law. The video below shows an explanation of three different types of gun and their purposes:

Since it was a bit of a novelty to me, I thought I’d pose with some of them:

"Hello. Do you like living in an open-carry state?"

“Hello there. So what’s it like living in a concealed-carry state?”

One of the many ways not to hold a gun properly.

2015-10-13 20.39.54-1


But in all seriousness, there is a lot to consider before purchasing these devices. Apparently, I managed to inadvertently wave the thing at Jess just by picking it up. It wasn’t loaded at the time but the point became clear that you need proper training before a firearm becomes more dangerous to an attacker than to the owner.

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