Puppet Labs

During our time in Portland, we visited Puppet Labs world headquarters and were given a tour of the office:

I am a systems administrator and their product, Puppet, is the first proper configuration management tool that I ever used. Others are available but Puppet, I think, is still the best in its field. Anyway, Portland is a bit of a tech hub so I just had to visit the Puppet Labs office. Though we arrived unannounced, they still were happy to give us the tour, talk about what it’s like to work for the company and live in the area. Very useful information.

Screenshot from Puppet Labs.mp4 - 1

From what I could gather, the area was becoming more desirable (and thus more expensive) but was still more affordable than Silicon Valley. Puppet Labs itself is an expanding company with many customers and new job positions. I think if we move to the Northwest, I’ll be sending them my CV.


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