X-flavored Y

Since Chris can eat normally again now, we went out for a celebratory burger that was in no way mashed potatoes, apple sauce or yogurt. While we were there, we found something quite quirky on the menu:

We are still getting Chris’s mouth and social security number sorted out, so there isn’t too much else to report so far. He is having his (hopefully) last dentist appointment for a great long while tomorrow. Hasta mañana!

PS – No, we did not drink one. It is amusing, but neither of us are fans of bloody mary’s, much less meaty ones. Does this appeal to you? (You’ll have to imagine the cheese, as I couldn’t find a picture of the actual Grizzly’s bakon cheddar one).

bacon bloody mary

4 thoughts on “X-flavored Y

  1. Minoushe Grant

    I think the UK should have a kebab flavoured vodka or actually a larger! This will definitely stop the after 11pm Saturday night kebab queues! An all in one 😜 xx

  2. Herbert

    Eew! I wonder why there are so many bacon flavored food in US.
    A vegetarian friend once tried bacon milkshake by mistake last time he went there.

    By the way, nice blog Jessica.

    1. Jess Post author

      Thanks! And I had forgotten just how hugely popular bacon is here. I mean, the British like bacon, but not to the point they flavor everything with it (or anything really other than bacon bits for salads). Your poor friend! Even not being a vegetarian, I’m not sure I’d want a meat flavored milkshake.

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