Day 73: The Florida Keys

Ever since we’d discussed moving to the US, Chris has wanted to drive the whole Florida Keys road. We have finally had the chance to do it and it was actually properly amazing – a dream come true and what we had wanted it to be.

We left Lantana and skipped over Miami, knowing we’d do it when we got back, as the Keys is a one way thing. You go to Key West and turn around.

That said, the road is an amazing feat of engineering. They have basically built several small islands to connect up several of the naturally occurring ones, in addition to having built many bridges proper, including a seven mile bridge.

Check out our many awesome pictures from this unforgettableĀ journey:

2015-08-19 13.57.51

A Neighborhood in Key Largo

2015-08-19 13.58.42-2

2015-08-19 13.41.47

A Local Park

2015-08-19 14.43.39-2 2015-08-19 14.12.05 2015-08-19 15.04.36

2015-08-19 15.57.59-1

7 Mile Road

2015-08-19 15.28.33 2015-08-19 16.06.08 2015-08-19 16.45.59

We arrived at the very end in Key West in early evening. As this was pure tourism, we splashed out on what is easily the best hotel of the trip:

2015-08-19 17.46.36

We tried to find a beach, but it turns out, Key West isn’t really a beach place. The beaches are mostly full of smelly seaweed. We decided to head toward their big social area and managed to catch the end of the sunset in the taxi and on a pier where we had dinner:

2015-08-19 20.18.13-1 2015-08-19 20.33.54

I had some very scrummy key shrimp and we both had piƱa coladas, because this is that kind of place. We also had some key lime pie since that is a Key thing:

2015-08-19 21.58.56

We ended what was a very excellent day just hanging out by the pool:

2015-08-19 23.19.30Do check out the video of some very beautiful places:

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