Day 69: Southern South Carolina & Savannah, Georgia

Before getting to Georgia, we stopped off at the Port Royal Sound Foundation, which is a maritime education center. We spoke to a very lovely woman with an excellent accent. She has one of those non-rhotic Southern accents like in films that I’ve read is dying out.

Do check out the video to hear what she had to tell us about her area (and just to hear her excellent accent):

It was an extremely beautiful area that further sold us on the merit of South Carolina:

2015-08-15 13.00.52-1 2015-08-15 12.21.07 2015-08-15 13.01.18

Absolutely immediately after, we entered Georgia. Sincerely, we didn’t have a very nice time in Savannah and we didn’t stay very long. We met someone nice at the ‘welcome’ center (it was actually a business to get people to take tours, while the visitors’ center was elsewhere), but still felt like it was a bit of a con that it wasn’t really what it was clearly trying to make you think it was.

It did have some nice old buildings, but much of it was quite shabby. We spoke to a few people who said it was nice enough, but they found it expensive. We also had a bit of a run in with someone from the Nation of Islam (a hate group who believe white people to be ‘white devils’ with no souls and so on). Chris tried to buy a newspaper off him in an attempt to talk to someone and, as one can imagine, it didn’t go brilliantly. It turned out there were people with him in a car nearby and someone started screaming at us, and needless to say, we got out of town quickly.

That said, we will give Georgia another go when we finish Florida, since although we like to do a state in one go, Atlanta is nowhere near Savannah, so we will go up that way later.

That said, Savannah does have some pretty good looking parks:

2015-08-15 14.30.37

We decided to carry on into Florida:

2015-08-15 17.34.30-2


Our hotel in Florida was just off the state line. It was actually before the welcome center. It wasn’t so great, but it was the cheapest hotel of the tour. We could have just about coped with it, but the water smelled horribly of rotten eggs, so we couldn’t drink it or shower in it, which is one of the main points of a hotel, so that was unfortunate. That said, the man at the hotel didn’t actually recommend Yulee, Florida as an area and he did seem to be working furiously to fix the water though it didn’t happen in time to help us.

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