Day 68 Part 2: Beaufort, South Carolina

We carried on down the road so we could cross into Georgia the next day.

We found some fairly mad and/or nice things along the way. We saw a sign for some peach cider (American meaning of cider, so non-alcoholic). We took a wrong turn and ended up seeing the biggest spiders either of us had ever seen at this location:

2015-08-14 17.08.01

A lot of the country side also started to look like this, which was nice for a change:

2015-08-14 16.58.59


We were informed by locals not to get too close though as there are alligators out there, and no, you cannot outrun them apparently.

We did eventually find the peach cider here by the way, and it was truly fantastic. We also got some cakes and pastries there that were absolutely divine. Highly recommended if you are in the area:

2015-08-14 17.21.57

Our next city in South Carolina really solidified our liking of Charleston, given the cities both above and below it were both reasonably nice. Beaufort was smaller, but had a lot of charm and lovely trees:

2015-08-14 18.29.57-1

2015-08-14 20.24.29

Does anyone know what kind they are? I am sure if I waded through Google I could find out, but we are busy 🙂

Fortunately this hotel experience in Beaufort was also quite positive. It had the best pool of the trip in that it was outdoor and 8 feet deep (most were about 5). I found out I can still do an aquatic back flip, which is good to know I suppose. By the way, it’s probably not pronounced how most British people would guess. Have a look at the video to find out from some locals:

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