Day 37: Connecticut

Connecticut is known for being an expensive state. It is. Fuel prices shot up as soon as we crossed the border, as did the price of accommodation. In Rhode Island, we were able to find some good deals on actual hotels and got to stay in our first Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn of the tour, both mid priced hotels of a very pleasant quality.

Connecticut meant going back what felt both ultra cheap (in quality) and ultra expensive (in price) motels. Even the laundry in our motel was 4 dollars per load of wash and 3 per dry. In most other states laundry is more like 1.50 per load of wash and a dollar per dry. Our motel in Ridgefield was owned by Indians and they had an Indian restaurant in it. At first, we were very pleased to learn this till we learned just how expensive it was. A chicken tikka masala for one would have set us back 18 dollars before tax. That is more than it would cost in most of England. We decided to pass on it and eat ready meals again.

This didn’t mean most people in Connecticut were rich though. We drove through their capital, Hartford, and it didn’t look like it was doing that well. It looked like the people there were being financially squeezed, while just down the road in this small state, we saw several small mansions, complete with a stream and a bridge and possibly a boat. I don’t think we’re rich enough to live in Connecticut and have a nice time, so I think we will pass.

Check out of the video to see for yourself:

Our pictures are less than amazing by the way because it was also pouring with rain again. We have seen a lot of rain and bad weather on the upper east coast.

We could only get out of the car for a few seconds in Yale in New Haven it was coming down so hard:

2015-07-14 12.01.24-1

Sunny at the Stateline

2015-07-14 13.40.01

The storm was beginning to brew in Hartford at their capitol.

Avoiding the rain in new Haven at Yale

Instagram seems to have edited out the rain. They are just that nifty, but honestly, we were getting soaked in this shot.

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