Placing the Hot Tub

There have been a few updates to the pool in the last few days. The most important is that we have passed inspection! I didn’t film it, because frankly, I was just relived we passed (no more delays, please!) and it was quick, but passing the inspection, so that means they can now legally put water in it.

The hot tub has also been placed. We have actually owned it for a few weeks, but it was just sitting out front while the concrete was being done. The concrete was dry enough and our pool builder was able to schedule these 3 strong guys to come and move it for us. Even with their device, it looked like a daunting task:

It is sitting empty, getting slightly dusty. We have been told by the builder they will fill it soon. I can’t wait!

One more thing happened. A fellow came round a few evenings ago and in a fairly short time, sawed off all the tops of sealed pipes that had been sticking out for months and put these little red things on. This will be the in-floor cleaning system:

Here’s the video. It’s a bit quieter than usual as Chris was in a meeting for the majority of the hot tub placement:

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