We got the electrics and the tiling done this week. We are getting a fair amount of electricity, so we had several electricians round that morning.

Initially, a few guys came round for the tiling, too. They left almost immediately when Chris asked if they had the depth markers though. I think a big hold up to this project has been that we have had several less common requests, so builders seem to forget those and it frequently wastes a day because they always leave and come back a day later when it happens.

The next day, only one tiler came back. He actually spent the whole day chipping away at concrete to prepare the area. I think us getting a pool cover was yet another less usual request, so it changed some of the aspects of tiling.

The third day, the same fellow came back. This time he did actually start putting tiles up. It was good we were in as well. He was obviously unused to English language measurements. He had some of the feet and inches swapped around. It was just fortunate I speak Spanish and knew the Spanish word for inches (which I have to say, I never thought would come up in my life), so we could show him what we wanted without another call to the super.

Here’s the video:

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