One Week to Go!

On Friday, we went over to Goodyear for our pre-closing orientation. Originally it had been scheduled for 3 PM. We got it changed to 9 AM. I am so glad we did! It ended up taking nearly 5 hours. We arrived at 8:40 and left at 1:20. Given we live 55 miles away, it was a very, very long day.

As long as it was, this was good in one particular aspect. It turns out that the heater isn’t 100% working and being there for this long demonstrated that and they will now fix that before we move in. It has actually been wintry by Phoenix standards this year, so a working heater is a must at the moment as it’s been getting down into the 30s at night. I think we may have even seen some snow on the mountains on the way back to Chandler.

Being in a cold house for nearly 5 hours aside, it was a very intense experience. We had to look over every inch of the house for paint drips, imperfections in glass and so on. We had to open and close all the windows and cupboards. We had to check that all of the gas outlets have shutoff points. We had to step on every tile and bit of carpet to make sure it was properly flat.

The weather was absolutely appalling, but this might have been fortunate as the torrential rain actually reveled that they need to fix the drainage to the backyard. It was badly flooded.

I took almost no pictures as it was a very intense day, just the one above and this one:

Chris did take plenty of video though, so here is the video for more:

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