December House Update

We haven’t updated in a while. This was due in part to disappointment. We were initially told that the house would be ready in late November or early December. We were not actually updated on this change until late November itself. The modified timeline is now looking toward late February completion. As a result, this blog’s video is actually a compilation of the last 3 times we visited since it took me a bit to want to edit it as we were a bit bummed out for a few weeks. It took a few more positive visits back to get my bum into gear to do the editing. Plus, as usual, we have both been swamped with work.

Although a few more months might not sound particularly long, we had been behaving like people who were moving in a month in late November. We were trying to empty the freezers and we disassembled all of our Lego:

More than all that, we have had our lives on pause in many ways. We are moving far enough away that movers don’t consider it a local move as it’s a 55 mile trip one way. At any rate, moving this far will be starting over again in many ways. It will likely not be as involved as when we moved from the UK to the US, but it will still be a big move. We will need to meet new people, get set up with new regular shops, doctors, restaurants, etc. Everything and everyone we know in Chandler will be too far away to see regularly as it takes about 90 minutes on average to travel between the two locations.

At any rate, we are dying to move, not because where we are now is in any way bad, but we are just ready to leap into this new phase of our lives.

Here are some photos from the last few visits:

Here’s the video:


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