A Year of Cats

We have now had the cats for a little over a year. We absolutely would have posted this on the day, but we have had a month of visitors and a few other major developments that we will tell you about in future blogs. At any rate, our cats are great little creatures to have around and we have really enjoyed having them. Neither of us had had pets as an adult, so it’s been a new and interesting experience. Previously we had only kept plants alive. It was a little bit daunting, but well worth it.

They are more different than I had anticipated considering they are sisters from the same litter. Kasia is about 2/3 the size of Zosia. Only Zosia meows. Kasia only makes sounds if she is very excited and I don’t think they are voluntary. Zosia, on the other hand, meows whenever she wants attention.

Their habits are quite different in certain ways as well. Kasia is very scent oriented. She loves to come over in the morning and thoroughly scent Chris and I when we start working. She can do this for up to 5 minutes if you let her. Zosia is less interested in this, but more likely to come sit with us in the evening. Zosia also has the quirk that she likes to meow to demand we recognize something she’s just done, for instance, getting up into a nook in the corner of the kitchen.

They do get along as well as we had hoped. Getting sister cats has worked out very well in that they do amuse themselves 90% of the time and they have never had behavioral issues. They like each other and feel comfortable around each other. Their play-fighting is hilariously unaggressive.

Here is a short video from the day itself:


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