House Hunting Part 5: Phoenix

Another tool that allowed us to look at a lot in a short space of time was Open Door. Open Door is a way of having an open house all day with no one present, but with a certain level of security. You either download the app, text them or call them and they unlock the door for your electronically. 

One night in particular, we drove to the top of Phoenix and looked at another old house. We picked older houses for one very particular reason. They tended to have the biggest pools. Unfortunately, fashion is as much alive in house building as any other aspect of human civilization, so deep, long pools had a period and that period isn’t now.

We saw so many old houses that would have both amazing pools and great plants, for instance, this one had a Joshua Tree and a Saguaro. It was also next to a pretty epic mountain. Sadly, it was also right next to a main road and full of 70’s features we weren’t into. Have a look:


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