Day 23 Part 1: The Home of Ketchup

2015-06-30 11.24.45We started off our day in Pittsburgh at theĀ Senator John Heinz History Center, yes, that is Heinz as in the ketchup. Chris is a massive fan of ketchup. I don’t think he’d identify as such exactly, but he does put it on any foods that it even sort of reasonably belongs on, so we thought we should check it out. Chris has many lovely facts about the Mr. Heinz, who actually did seem to be a rather amazing man, in the video below:

2015-06-30 11.42.18-12015-06-30 11.31.29

The museum also had a small display on Mister Rodgers’, which I’m sure most Americans my age remember from their childhood:

2015-06-30 12.02.54

King Friday

We didn’t spend that much more time at the museum since a lot of it was very locally specific or things like this:

2015-06-30 12.16.44-1

raw glass

As interesting as I’m sure some of it may be, we obviously can’t spend hours and hours at any given attraction in most cases because we have a whole country to see and a place to live to pick out, so we went on to see the rest of the city, which we will show you tomorrow.


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