The Kittens at 9 Weeks

When we got the kittens, we were told they were 9 weeks old. We don’t know their exact birthday. I think they did very well for their first week in a new place. I believe they were fostered before we got them because they were a little under weight. They have likely been in a few locations in the last few weeks at any rate.

They seemed to have settled in fairly quickly. Kasia was fairly comfortable with people right away and a little lunatic in her maniac desire to run around playing all day. It took them about 4 hours to calm down the first day we got them. Zosia was fairly shy for about a day and a half, but then starting warming up to us. 

They both get along with each other well and seem comfortable with both me and Chris. 

They both actually quite like most of the toys we bought, which is great as cat stuff adds up quickly. In particular, I saw Zosia playing with this particular toy in the shelter, and we got one there. It has been a big hit and it is great since they can play with it themselves:

It has a little yellow ball they can push around and it works like a charm. They have even played with it cooperatively.

They also really like the tunnel system we bought for them. This was especially important because our living room/kitchen is very open plan and the only room we plan to allow them into. Basically, they didn’t have enough hiding places and none of the normal boxes were really hidden enough, which caused them to be very interested in hiding inside of our reclining sofa. The only thing I can say against that is the ball attached came off within about 30 minutes, but we’re going to keep it since it works well as a tunnel and that was the main point. You can see that in the video:

We took them to the vet for the first time, which was also the first time either of us had to take our own pet to the vet. It was a little bit harrowing, but went fine. The vet was of the opinion that the cardboard carriers we got at the shelter were actually fine for short journeys (this was about 5 miles down the road). We will see how that goes, but we did feel bad just putting them in a dark box. Both were healthy and the visit was actually covered by the humane society, so that all went fairly positively.

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