LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts 4867

A couple of weeks ago, we stopped into the used Lego store in Avondale, Bricks and Minifigs. We were just there for a punnet or two or used brick, but couldn’t help but notice there appeared to be another Hogwarts. It wasn’t still in the box like the previous one, but it appeared to pretty much all there and was 200 dollars cheaper than the still boxed one on Amazon. We couldn’t resist.

It did turn out there were a few bits missing, but nothing too big or that can’t be obtained elsewhere, just a single dementor (I already have two identical ones from the previous set anyway) and Mr. Malfoy’s death eater head covering. A few substitutions were made on brick colors, but in all cases but a single piece, Chris actually had the original color in question. This was not at all bad for a used purchase of a rare piece of Lego at a very reasonable price. I would consider buying other rare mostly complete sets there in the future.

As for what was present, this set had pretty much only characters the 2010 set lacked (other than Harry himself, of course): Neville Longbottom, Professor Sprout, Professor Lupin, Gregory Goyle, and Mr. Malfoy. It also features a totally different set of rooms and objects including Lupin’s office, the Mirror of Erised and the divination classroom. It even has an exploding bridge.

Lego have built a few versions of Hogwarts over the years, but I think this one actually goes with the 2010 set as they seemed nearly completely different from each other in terms of contents and and characters, but more than that, you can also connect them. 

As a note, we still have no idea how to pronounce Avondale since ‘a’ in English is so variable. Are we talking /æ/ as in cat? /eɪ/ as in say? /ɑ/ as in father?

Here is the video:


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