Day 20 Part 1: Incendiary Indianan Interstate Incidents

Indiana was, frankly, the worst experience we’ve had on the road. The roads were full of pot holes and aggressive drivers. As long term readers of the blog know, Chris still has no alien number sorted out, and therefore, if he were to be pulled over, it would be very very complicated to explain to a police officer who is surely no immigration expert (I am not sure anyone is actually an immigration expert after our last few experiences, so that’s no slight to them). Basically, we have been following the rules of the road to the letter. The people of Indiana were not into this. They were so not into it that several people used lots of very dangerous and rude intimidation tactics, like getting right up behind us, trying to force us to speed. I think they may have taken their racing heritage a little too seriously in daily life.

I cannot actually say anything nice about Indiana other than a man we met in the motel parking lot. He was very friendly. We felt bad for not like his city at all. We didn’t even take any pictures of it. Here is the state line and a house in a place that looked like it could have been Eerie, Indiana.

2015-06-26 16.15.27

2015-06-26 17.33.31

The motel itself was awful. Chris got virtually no sleep after some guy kept knocking on all the doors and then proceeding to read all the horrible reviews about the hotel being a drug den and things. There was also a giant bug in the bed that we didn’t notice until the next day, although Chris did say that explained how he felt something on him in the night:

What is this?

Super 8 South Indianapolis: Continental breakfast and arthropod included.

Needless to say, we got out of Indiana pretty quickly. Sorry Indiana. If you had been nicer to us, we would have given you much more a chance. I don’t want to live somewhere that is going to try to drive you off the road for the horrible offence of following the law though. Some of us have good reasons not to speed. Indiana is definitely out of the running.

Here is a brief video of some of our troubles:

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