LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters

Last year, Chris built Ecto-1, the car from the original Ghostbusters movie. He finally got their Firehouse Headquarters as well. This building is by far the biggest Lego Chris has ever bought, so it was a bigger choice to buy it than most, both in terms of price and the space it takes up. Chris decided to get it once he felt confident it would fit in with his city, as it’s so big, we’d probably have had to build a shelf just for this one set otherwise. It took him about 2 weeks to complete. It is unusual in that it actually has an internal layer in the walls, so the inside is different colors than the outside, while most Lego buildings have outside surfaces that match inside ones because you have to double the thickness, and that only works with very large structures.

It comes with quite a large cast of characters, most of which have two expressions, a neutral one and an afraid or possessed one. It also includes four ghosts, 3 of which can be suspended on clear poles that stick out from the building.

The very coolest features by far is the working fire pole. You can actually get Dan Aykroyd’s character to spin down the pole like he did in the film:

A minor thing neither of us has had considered before buying it is that they actually don’t show us all the rooms building in the movie, so they appear to have made up contents for several of them, though they all had a flavor of the movie.

I found Rick Moranis adorable in Lego and I think they really got Sigourney Weaver’s 80’s hair right:

Here’s the video. It is, naturally, a bit longer than most of our Lego reviews, as this thing is enormous:

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