Day 13 Part 1: Tonganoxie

We got out of Topeka as quickly as we could. The hotel managed to be efficient in exclusively one way – clearing away breakfast. We got there at 9:03 and there wasn’t even coffee. Anyway, we¬†got on the road and checked out a small town in Kansas called Tonganoxie based on the fact that it had a really excellent name. It was extremely hot, but the people were also extremely nice, and we had a good chat with some people in a local bar restaurant type thing. We spoke with a man who told us the history of the town and ended up giving us two large framed photographs of the place General Lee was imprisoned after the Civil War. We also met an old man of Welsh descent who sounded like his family came from a similar part of Wales to Chris’s grandmother.

Meeting the local historian at Tonganoxie

Meeting the local historian at Tonganoxie

Check out the video to meet some of the lovely, interesting people we met:

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