National Tree DUH-75 7.5-feet Dunhill Fir Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree


As I’ve recently discussed, we didn’t bring too much with us when we came over from the UK. We got rid of lots of things before moving. We didn’t actually get rid of our Christmas tree, but it’s still 5000 miles away at Chris’s parents’ and very small. With our comparably expansive space, we decided to get a tree that was seven and a half feet tall. As with probably half of what we’ve bought in this country, we got it off Amazon.

It came in three pieces with a base. It was very easy to put together. We spent the bulk the time fluffing it up. It came out quite well I think:

We put the few ornaments I happened to bring over from Chris’s parents’ loft in the summer on it, along with a string of Doctor Who TARDIS lights that my sister gave me several years ago. We also finally got to use a Christmas tree skirt that one of my great aunts gave me when we first got married. It could have easily covered our UK tree in its entirety, so it would have just been silly to use it for that. It makes a lot of sense with this one though. We will definitely have to get more lights and bulbs though as it is still pretty sparely covered.

Here’s the video:

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