25,000 Miles


The last major milestone we hit in the car was 20,000 miles on the very last day we traveled last year. I think this will be the last one we hit in a while. The other night, we were re-watching Doctor Who as we’ve been doing since the next new one is a Christmas special followed by series 10 in April. There was quite a relatable one about the Ponds, a couple who were companions to the Eleventh Doctor. Despite their adventures with the Doctor being quite excellent, they reached a point where they gladly picked daily life over adventures in time and space. Obviously we didn’t travel in time other than in the usual way every one does, but I think we are really enjoying barely going anywhere. Traveling is great, but it’s hardly the only form of adventure. On an average week I think we go about 4-8 miles in it going to nearby destinations like Target and Whole Foods for things like this:


Italian Sparkling Wine…in a Pool Friendly Can

If anything, it felt almost far last week going to Ikea to buy Chris a Lego table (a table for Lego, not made out of Lego) as Ikea is all of about 12 miles away. It’s funny how quickly things change 🙂

The only reason it has jumped up as far as 25,000 now is because of my parents driving it 1,670 miles from Wisconsin to Chandler (thanks!). We do intend to possibly do some traveling next year to places like Sedona or Tombstone, but I think we are good this year. If anything, we are going to be spending our first Christmas ever not going somewhere this year, which I am really looking forward to, not because it’s not great to see family at Christmas, but that this will be the first December in 6 years we won’t have to have the joy of airports for Christmas.

Here is a very short video:

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