Day 11: Across Kansas

2015-06-18 09.19.56 We crossed the Colorado/Kansas border first thing in the morning. It was indeed as flat as everyone says it is, but Chris managed to find several gems that made it more interesting than I expected, as he is bound and determined to not let stereotypes of a place get to him or effect his level of enjoyment and/or boredom. Here’s the video:

We drove through a few towns off the main road just to see what was there. Not a lot was the initial answer, but halfway through the day, Chris noticed something about a fossil museum, so we turned off into Oakley and went to the Fick Fossil Museum. For a free museum that was part of the local library, it was not bad and much bigger and better funded than I had expected. The people of Oakley themselves all seemed very lovely.

We got back on the road and drove for a while and stumbled over an actual basilica (as of 2014). The Basilicia of St. Fidelis in Victoria was truly stunning:

2015-06-18 14.07.07-2 2015-06-18 14.14.22-2


The interior was as good as any European cathedral, if not, a bit better due to being heavily air conditioned. Another difference was the presence of wheat:

2015-06-18 15.10.38

We carried on after that and spent the night in Salina (that is Suh-lie-nuh, or for those who can read IPA, /səˈlaɪnə/ – I’m mentioning this because I mispronounced it most of the way there) in one of the fancier Super 8’s we’ve stayed in. It is amazing how much they vary even being a franchise.

Salina was the biggest city for quite a while, but that said, it was still pretty small and surrounded by even smaller places. I don’t think we’ll be moving there. Ideally I think we want to live somewhere mid=sized somewhat close to somewhere bigger. We shall see though.

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