Monsoon, Definitely

2016-07-29 20.20.24

At the end of July, we finally saw something that was a bit more in line with our expectations of what a monsoon would be after it being a bit of a whimper in June. We saw two major storms that lasted several hours each. The first one was an epic downpour with lots of lightning, thunder and wind. The second one was dry, but the thunder was constant for hours. It was just a low rumbling as a background noise all night. It was very odd.

Thunder and lighting in the summer are plenty common where I grew up in Wisconsin, but I had never heard it go on with that duration and intensity. It was just an unbroken thunder roll for hours. This was all fairly new to Chris as well as storms are fairly rare in England. I feel like I only experienced thunder and lighting once or twice living in Britain for 5 years.

Here is a video of our monsoon experience:

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