Arrival in Italy

After a single whole day in England, we flew off to Italy. As we went with parents, we went to the airport very early. We ended up getting to Bologna proper quite late. This was because we arrived after my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, but the airline that they used didn’t get their luggage on their flight, but rather a later one that got in after ours. This caused us to need to wait at the airport for its arrival. We ended up not being able to go out until late evening, which limited our choices. We tried what I think was a chain trattoria around the corner from the hotel:
2016-07-22 22.20.34 The bill was a complicated affair and a cultural learning experience. We had 4 different slips of paper. Each time we ordered something, a new bill began. One set was about prices and quantities, while the other one had the specifics of what we ordered. Italy, unlike the US or the UK, tends to do cover charges for sitting down. This place charged two euros per person.
2016-07-22 23.04.15

Our hotel, booked by my sister-in-law, was truly excellent. We hadn’t expected a king bed to be an option as they are much rarer outside of the US in both my and Chris’s experience. The hotel was also very clean, had a good location and some cool tech in regard to controlling electricity, a/c, etc.

As with the previous video, this one has subtitles, but due to the use of Italian rather than airplanes being noisy. If you want them, please turn on English not English (automatic) for subtitles. Here’s the video:



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