Usury Mountains Park

We wanted to show my parents the desert and my dad wanted to see the Superstition Mountains, so we decided to pick a patch of desert that was on the way there. We went to the edge of Mesa heading toward the Superstitions. 2016-06-04 09.47.03-2It was coincidentally the hottest day of the year so far, which of course, being Arizona in June, was pretty hot with a high of 116. The a/c in the Dodge was as excellent as ever and we brought a very large amount of water, so it was fine. Usury Mountains Park turned out to be a great place to see the desert. It was right where the mountains and the city meet and had nice paths and a lovely, air conditioned welcome center.
2016-06-04 10.38.51-1We learned from the man in the shop that Mesa and up into the mountains is a wetter part of the Sonoran desert, whereas Phoenix proper is drier, so Papago Park, another go to location for showing people the desert, is a drier representation.

Here is a video of the park:

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