Day 6: Mount Rushmore and Eastern Wyoming

Friday morning we finally made it to Mount Rushmore, which Chris had really wanted to see since we recently re-watched Superman 2. It did not disappoint. Sure, the parking feels like a bit of a rip off, but the actual sculpture was impressive and the walk up it was pleasant. Plus, we had perfect weather for it.


Chris said he kept not quite feeling like he was really there since it was such an iconic thing.2015-06-13 10.40.27

Afterwards, we made our way through Black Hills National Forest. It was challenging finding a place to have lunch but fortunately we were hungry when we did. We ended up in a country bar in Pringle, SD. The main thing they served was half pound burgers. They were by far the best burgers we’ve had in the US on this trip so far and the owner was a fun, chatty guy, as were some of the kitchen staff.

Hitchrail Bar in Pringle, SD

Hitchrail Bar in Pringle, SD

2015-06-13 13.01.40-3

We drove into eastern Wyoming next. It is by far the most deserted place either of us has ever been. There wasn’t a house or even another car for miles. Some of the land appeared to be completely unused, while the rest was ranches with a few cows here and there.


We spent the night in Douglas, WY. It was a bit hard to find a hotel because there wad some kind of high school rodeo thing on. There wasn’t a lot to Douglas. To be perfectly honest, I’m entirely certain we’re not moving to Wyoming. It is, apparently, the state with the lowest population. It’s under 600,000. Not for us. I want to live among people and not 100s of miles from the next town. We’re heading to Colorado next. We’ve heard great things about it, so we shall see.

Check out the video:

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