A Day Out in the Desert with Chris’s Parents

On the weekend when Chris’s parents were here, we decided to take them out to see the desert. We started with what one could think of as desert-lite, Papago Park, a park that is in both Tempe and Phoenix that has a variety of types of local plant life represented:

2016-04-24 12.32.43

Blooming saguaro

We also re-visited the grave of one of the most popular governors of Arizona who was so loved he got his own pyramid:
2016-04-24 12.19.30

We went to lunch at a fairly swish place called Fogo de Chão, which is a Brazilian steakhouse.2016-04-24 12.58.57It is a chain, though actually quite a pricey but amazingly delicious chain. We had all previously been to the Minneapolis restaurant and this one was fortunately just as good. Highly recommended if you like beef and/or Brazil.

After what was a truly huge lunch, we decided to go sow them a wilder part of the desert in Mesa. 
2016-04-24 15.07.25
Here is the video:

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