A Blast from the Past: A 2015 Easter Road Trip to Manchester

Before traveling to the US, we took a comparatively tiny road trip in the UK. We used it as the chance to practice blogging as we were certainly not in the habit of filming everything that happened to us before this time last year.

A minor difference between the US and the UK is that everyone has Good Friday and Easter Monday off in Britain. As such, we used visiting Chris’s sister for Easter in Manchester as a good time to have a look at some of the rest of the country before we left and to get used to filming our travels. As this was a practice, the quality is less good than things are now that we are much more used to being bloggers. It’s certainly more wobbly and we were getting used to talking to a camera. I hope it’s still fun to have a look at any way.

We spent a couple of days in Manchester itself and went to the famous canal street:
2015-04-04 20.37.08On Easter Monday, we got unusually amazing weather, which we great, because we also had an unusually amazing rental car. Chris had wanted an automatic but most cars in Britain are manual, so they had to give him the only automatic they had, a BMW 4 series convertible. We got to have a very pleasant drive with the top down in the Peak District:

2015-04-06 13.42.20 We also went to Bakewell, home of the Bakewell tart/pudding/whatever you want to call it. There was apparently a court case that never quite resolved what is the official, proper bakewell item. 
2015-04-06 16.05.05 2015-04-06 16.10.43

We stopped off in Leicester to visit a friend of ours who had moved there before heading back to Brighton.

Here’s the video:

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