First Rain

2016-04-10 11.15.35We have seen it rain in Arizona. It actually poured with rain the day we had to find somewhere to live. For the following three months after that, we didn’t see as much as a drop. When it did rain though, it absolutely poured. We took it as an excuse to finally check out our local cinema. Many other people seemed to have thought the same as My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was packed even though it had been out several weeks already and had been relegated to the small screen toward the back.

A positive thing about our local cinema is we learned it is much cheaper than our previous one. For both of us to go was about 15 USD, while going to our local one in Brighton was 20 pounds, which is about 28 USD.

A slightly scary thing was this: 
2016-04-10 11.24.46

We realized we only had one umbrella and it was in the car, but managed to not get excessively wet due to good timing.

It was both strange and nice that rain was a novelty. By the time we left England, I really detested rain, so it was nice not to for the first time in a while.

Here’s the video:

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