Back in the Forest of the Saguaro

In September when we were travelling through Arizona, we naturally had a look at the desert. After going to Carl’s Barber Shop to get Chris’s hair cut, we thought we would go try to find the same patch of desert just outside of Mesa that we went to before. With the help our instagram tags, we were able to figure out that this particular red mountain was in the part of the Tonto National Forest next to a golf course in Mesa:
2016-04-02 12.07.24Once we knew that, we knew to go back a pinch to this particular patch of desert:2016-04-02 12.22.39-1The older saguaro are actually distinctive enough that we were able to find the same cactus that was with us in our profile picture for ages:

2015-09-23 09.26.22-1

Sept 2015

2016-04-02 12.19.04

April 2016

2016-04-02 12.18.35

April 2016

The photo from September shows a slightly more bloated saguaro as it had just rained a few days before, whereas as of when we were there in April, it had not rained in 3 months. Despite the lack of rain, as it is spring, the desert is much greener than it was in Sept, so it was very interesting seeing the difference: 
2016-04-02 12.22.38

Here’s the video: 

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