A Taste of Gilbert

We have been just swamped and, sincerely, as amazing as it all was, we are quite severely overtraveled. ┬áIf people with the travel bug have ever wondered if you can, at least temporarily have your thirst to travel quenched, yes, you absolutely can. Due to this, we haven’t made a special effort to explore, but we have finally seen a bit more of some of the surrounding cities, one of which is Gilbert. Gilbert is to the north east of Chandler and getting closer to the edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area:


As this was not created in the same context as our travel videos, but rather just going to a shop in Gilbert in search of dry and/or English cider, the video is not as thorough. We did notice a few things though.

Firstly, part of it is much more rural than expected. We actually saw some farm animals and a tractor. Secondly, something we have noticed about all of the cities in the south east of the Phoenix area is that there is still much undeveloped land. It doesn’t feel finished, which we consider good, as it means there is somewhere for new people to go, whereas Brighton and the area in and around London, for instance, felt the opposite, very significantly full and, for the most part, done.

More than that, everyone we met was extremely friendly, as they have been in Chandler. Even being a bit more rural, their shopping seemed as ample as that in Chandler.

Here is a short video on Gilbert, more to come when we are more settled and want to explore more:

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