A Proper British Curry


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Chris’s sister gave us some vouchers for one of the best curry houses in the Slough area, the Akash, so it gave us an excuse to go out for one more curry before we left.

They do especially nice poppadoms at there, in that, in addition to the usual four toppings (mint yogurt, a blend of onions with coriander and tomato, mango chutney and lime pickle), they do a red one that seemed to be based on red onions and something sweet.

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Chris demonstrating the size of a poppadom, though you don’t generally eat it all in one go 🙂

Something that British Indian does that I haven’t seen in most other cuisines (including Indian food in the US) is having two starter courses, one being the poppadoms, then the actual starters with the usual amount of options rather than just the question ‘how many’ (one per person usually suffices). A typical British Indian starter that we hadn’t had the whole time we were in the US as it wasn’t on the menus is onion bhaji, which is basically Indian fried onions, but it’s just lovely:
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There was a bit of a hiccough in that this was the second time we were ever asked to stop filming in a business, the other being in a voodoo shop in New Orleans.  After the staff realized Chris was local, they changed their minds and allowed it. I’m not sure why they had an objection in the first place, but we were pleased.

Here is the video:




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