Travelling to England

We’ve gone back to Britain to visit for Christmas. It will only be my second UK Christmas and Chris’s first one in a while, so we really looking forward to it. Here is a short video of our journey from Wisconsin to Heathrow:

We were meant to take the train, but it was horrifically late. As we had spent the week trying to get on UK time, we didn’t want to mess that up by arriving in Chicago whenever Amtrak felt like showing up. We decided to look into renting a car. It turns out this is much cheaper than we realized because of our US car insurance, so we decided to do this instead. We drove through Madison, the state capital of Wisconsin, which we hadn’t hit on the journey, so naturally, we had to go to the state capitol: 2015-12-20 19.38.36-1 We also crossed a state line for the first time in a while:2015-12-20 20.42.50-1 It was nice and soggy out the next day when we headed toward the airport int he dark: 2015-12-21 13.14.19

The flight wasn’t exactly the best one being a tiny old plane in which a flight attended spilled coffee on me a bit and the book light went out half way through and for some reason they kept the plane dark even though it was a day flight, which meant sitting in the dark for 4 hours.

2015-12-21 08.37.38

At any rate, we are in England now and will be staying until the new year when we move to Phoenix. Stay tuned for blogs on our Christmas in the UK.

2015-12-22 01.37.43

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