Minor Differences: Christmas Ornaments

The British tend to put something they call a bauble on their Christmas trees. Americans would probably recognize this as a type of ornament often called Christmas balls. Christmas-Balls-3-540x391

The bauble or ball is just the beginning of what Christmas ornaments are on an American tree. I believe this is due to a large number of Americans having some German heritage. Germans too have a much more complex tradition of Christmas tree ornamentation, probably due to being the first people to put up Christmas trees, while the British didn’t do this till about two centuries ago when Queen Victoria married a German.

In Germany, they make things that you might expect, like this:


But they also make much more individualized items like this one:

2015-12-06 19.21.42

2015-12-06 19.22.03

This has fed the American appetite for more personalized Christmas ornaments. It is not uncommon to give ornaments that pertain to one’s career or hobbies as gifts, resulting in a family accumulating a large and varied collection over the years. For instance, these are two of mine, where were both gifts:

2015-12-06 19.29.57

And one of my mom’s:

2015-12-06 19.30.06

Here’s our brief video on Christmas ornaments:

PS – There really is more coming. I have just only recovered of 3 weeks of illness due to that ill advised job working in a daycare. It really cut back on the amount of filming and editing we could do as I went from the norovirus to the hacking cough of bronchitis. I don’t think I will ever be working in a daycare again. We do still have some travel analysis videos up our sleeves in addition to more minor differences and our continuing immigration story.


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