Regional Roundup 10: California


California is also easily its own region with its 38 million people and several climates within one massive state. It has beautiful beaches with great weather, but that said, it is in a horrible drought that we were told was made much worse by poor political planning. It is also the most horrifically overpriced place we visited. We will most likely be back as tourists, but unless someone wants to pay us both a million a year, we will be unlikely to live there.

Here’s the video:

Our favorite city was easily San Francisco. It was so unique. I had honestly been worried I wouldn’t like it as several good friends of ours love it and had told us how amazing it was. We did love it too fortunately. Granted, it is extremely expensive, but it is also a beautiful old western city, one of the few, especially of its size. It is insanely hilly, but it is also charming and attractive. I highly recommend visiting it. We will definitely be back with more money and time to see it more thoroughly.

2015-10-08 15.04.45

Runner up is Silicon Valley, not because it was lovely, but because of the work opportunities. Once again, for enough money, we would consider it, but it is an extremely expensive place to live, so one needs a huge salary to get the most out of it.

2015-10-07 14.31.46-1

Honorable mention goes to Santa Cruz for having a lovely little downtown and a pleasant beach area.  There didn’t seem to be much else there that would make it viable for us, but what was there was pleasant to visit.

2015-10-06 16.22.04

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