Regional Roundup 7: Oklahoma

The next few entries are about four individual states that defy regional category. Three do so because they are huge; they are basically their own regions. One does so just because it doesn’t fully fit anywhere else.


Oklahoma seemed like a true crossroads. We spoke to several Oklahomans and each gave us different answers to what region we were in. One said she said seen her state called ‘Southwestern’, but living above Tulsa, she didn’t feel that way at all. A woman at the bottom of the state in the welcome center told us she felt Southern. In Oklahoma City, they just seemed uncertain. I understand why. This is a state that has Southern, Midwestern and Western characteristics. Either way, Oklahoma rated quite high for us. Something it has in common with the Southwest is its amazing 360 degree sunsets. The sky feels so much bigger there. Something it has in common with Texas below it is being rich from oil production. Something it has in common with the Midwest is a higher quality of customer service. Something it has in common with the South, the West, Texas and the Midwest is a lower cost of living. All in all, Oklahoma is a great state. The tornado thing is a major downside though.
2015-09-15 18.00.35

Our favorite city was Oklahoma City, but then, it is one midsized state and we didn’t even see Tulsa, its other big city, so it’s hard to say much more about any area.

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Here’s the video:

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