Minor Differences: HiJenx Cat Special, DC

Only ten percent of cats in the UK are “indoor cats”.

I was surprised to hear that in the US, it is becoming the norm to keep cats permanently indoors. Speaking to several cat owners, it was made apparent that the US is a more hostile environment for cats. Here’s the video from Washington, DC by a cat owner who is adamant that cats must be kept indoors to remain safe:

Later our journey, we heard horror stories about the untimely demise of cats in Texas. The expected dangers of life (rivals, cars, fleas etc.) are common to the US and UK but a difference is that the US has dangerous predators. Britain has been free of wolves and bears for some time so cats are pretty much on top of the food chain. But the US has coyotes, bears, big cats and some large birds capable of wounding or killing cats.


Vulnerable cat

2015-07-16 12.33.53

Invulnerable cat

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