LoJenx of the Journey

Naturally, the trip wasn’t all roses. This is the worst of the trip, things that have stuck with us as negatives.

The worst driving still goes to Indiana. Even though Boston, the Bronx and California were challenging, as were most of the mountain roads, Indiana still had the rudest and most aggressive drivers in the whole country.

The most disappointing event goes to the Farce of July in Philadelphia. We are still sort of annoyed with Wawa for ruining Chris’s first Fourth of July.

2015-07-04 20.56.20-1

The scariest experience goes to nearly getting carjacked in Belzoni, Mississippi.

2015-08-30 14.42.59

Destroyed Catfish Statue in Belzoni

The biggest loss goes to Chris’s iPhone 6 going for a swim in North Carolina.2015-08-01 13.16.58

The worst hotel of the journey is a threeway tie between the Comfort Inn in Vallejo, which had nasty sticky carpet, the most allergens I’ve inhaled on the journey and the worst price for how awful it was, and the hot jungle of a hotel in Bracey, Virginia, that took hours to cool down as the heat had been off for possibly weeks and Chris had to clean out the fridge to make it usable as it had also been left off to go back to nature. The other one that makes it is the Super 8 South Indianapolis, which was bad enough to help Indiana into our bottom five states due to its rude staff, crack den vibe/knocking on doors at 4 AM and giant bug in the bed.

The worst hotel or motel chain is, as you might have expected, Motel 6. People think of them as being dirty. We only stayed at ones that had reviews saying they were clean, and they were clean enough, but the real problem was the beds and the prison cell nature of them. They have redone the whole chain to try to make them all look the same. This means they all have the same horrible mattresses. They also just have very odd dimensions, and even though the ones we stayed at were clean, it was clean in that overbleached way, rather than a non-toxic sort of clean. Unless you really can’t afford anything better, don’t go to a Motel 6. We will never go to one again unless absolutely forced for an extraordinarily compelling reason.




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