Day 133-134: Eastern Washington

We drove across nearly the whole state in one day. The first 120 miles across were in constant rain on mountain roads. There were few towns but loads of thick mist. It was cold enough at 55F with high humidity that I wanted a jacket for the first time since England. It was also covered in trees, mostly pine, but some deciduous in fall colors:

2015-10-18 09.58.42

Misty Mountain

2015-10-18 10.50.15

Still more mist on a mountain

Next we drove through a cloudy but comparably drier area of apple orchards and vineyards. It was covered in scrubby plant life otherwise.

2015-10-18 12.48.21-2

Wine Grapes

2015-10-18 12.49.41

Apple Orchards

2015-10-18 12.56.26

Basically Nothing

Eventually that gave way to a huge, flat stretch of farmland and a partly sunny sky:
2015-10-18 14.45.54

We didn’t speak to anyone because honestly, we are getting increasingly tired. Maybe it’s the climate out here not working for us or maybe we are just getting ready to live somewhere again. Quite possibly both.

The next day in Spokane, we made a very good effort to find someone to speak to, trying 3 locations and 6 people. We met someone who had lived in England as a child but had spent 30 years in Nevada and was planning on going back to England, but no one who actually lived in Spokane was feeling chatty.

The weather in Spokane was still pretty cold, damp and autumnal:

wpid-wp-1445376332105.jpg wpid-wp-1445376456004.jpg

We decided to move on and attempt to leave Washington. This took quite a long time as it is immense and hilly:

2015-10-19 12.54.19 2015-10-19 12.55.41 We finally got to see a Washington welcome sign on our way out:
2015-10-19 13.49.23

IĀ felt that although we’d spent a few days there, it had been big and hard to talk to people, so I am still not sure we got a proper feel for it. If anyone has any more Washington info to share, we would love to hear it. Thanks!

Here’s the video:

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